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Orem commercial landscaping services can play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of your property. A well-designed and properly maintained landscape not only looks great, it also serves as a strategic tool to improve security measures. Here are several ways in which commercial landscaping services in Orem UT from MD Property Services, Inc. can contribute to better security.

Visibility and Sightlines

Properly designed Orem commercial landscaping services ensure clear sightlines throughout the property, minimizing potential hiding spots for suspicious activities. Trimmed shrubs and well-maintained trees enhance visibility, allowing security personnel and surveillance cameras to monitor the premises effectively.

Pathway and Entrances Illumination

Adequate landscape lighting is essential for enhancing security in commercial properties. Well-lit pathways, entrances, and parking areas discourage criminal activities by eliminating dark areas where intruders could hide. Illumination also increases the safety and comfort of employees and customers during evening hours.

Fencing and Barriers

Commercial landscaping services in Orem UT that include features such as hedges and fences act as physical barriers to unauthorized access. Strategic placement of these elements can create a controlled flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, preventing unauthorized entry and securing sensitive areas.

Natural Surveillance

Landscaping can be designed to promote natural surveillance, where employees and customers feel safe and are encouraged to observe their surroundings. This can be achieved by positioning seating areas strategically, ensuring there are no blind spots, and maintaining an open and welcoming landscape design.

Controlled Access Points

Expertly designed commercial landscaping services in Orem UT guide visitors and direct traffic flow toward designated access points. Clearly marked entryways and exits help control access to the property, ensuring that everyone entering the premises is accounted for and can be monitored more effectively.

Security Plantings

Selecting the right plant species can also be part of a security strategy. You can use thorny or prickly plants near vulnerable areas to deter unauthorized entry, while dense shrubbery can act as a buffer between public and private spaces.

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