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At MD Property Services, Inc., we not only provide the best Lehi sprinkler system installations. We can also keep your system working its best for years to come. Maintenance is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Regular upkeep ensures that the system functions efficiently, delivers water evenly, and prevents water wastage. These are a few of the ways our experts in sprinkler system installations in Lehi UT can keep your lawn in top condition for a long, long time.

Inspect the System Regularly

In addition to Lehi sprinkler system installations, we can also perform routine inspections of your sprinkler system during the watering season. We’ll check for any visible leaks, broken or clogged sprinkler heads, and damaged pipes. Identifying and addressing issues promptly can prevent further damage and water loss.

Adjust Sprinkler Heads

Our pros in sprinkler system installations in Lehi UT will ensure that the sprinkler heads are adjusted correctly to cover the intended area, not sidewalks, driveways, or buildings. We’ll also check that the heads aren’t obstructed by vegetation, as this can lead to uneven watering.

Clean and Unclog Sprinkler Heads

We’ll remove any dirt, debris, or grass clippings that may accumulate on the sprinkler heads. Clogged sprinkler heads can disrupt water distribution, leading to dry patches or overwatering in certain areas, robbing sprinkler system installations in Lehi UT of their efficiency as a result.

Check for Uniformity

Our experts will also confirm that the water distribution is uniform across the lawn. We can test to measure water output in different areas, adjusting the system to ensure consistent coverage and prevent under or overwatering.

Inspect Valves and Controller

You should also call upon MD Property Services, Inc. to regularly check the system’s valves and controller. This will ensure that the valves open and close correctly, and the controller is programmed with the appropriate watering schedule. If need be, we’ll replace any faulty valves or worn-out controller batteries.

When we provide Lehi sprinkler system installations at MD Property Services, Inc., we don’t just leave and never return. We’ll be here to keep your system performing perfectly, season after season. Schedule an appointment by calling 801-763-0272 or using our online contact form.

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