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There are several shade and drought-tolerant grass varieties that are well-suited to our state’s diverse landscapes. Choosing the right turf for your Utah yard can make a significant difference in the overall appearance and resilience of your lawn. The professionals in Eagle Mountain lawn care services with MD Property Services, Inc. have some information to help you select the best shade and drought-tolerant grass varieties for your Utah home.


Shade-Tolerant Grass Varieties

For areas in your yard that receive limited sunlight, consider the following shade-tolerant grass varieties. Our experts in lawn care services in Eagle Mountain UT will help you make the best choice.


  • Fine fescue: Fine fescue grasses, including creeping red fescue and chewings fescue, thrive in shady conditions and require less water compared to other grass types.
  • Kentucky bluegrass: Although Kentucky bluegrass prefers full sun, certain cultivars exhibit moderate shade tolerance, making them a viable option for partially shaded areas.

Drought-Tolerant Grass Varieties

For regions experiencing water scarcity or frequent droughts, consider the following drought-tolerant grass varieties when hiring a company for Eagle Mountain lawn care services:


  • Buffalo grass: Buffalo grass is a native warm-season grass that excels in Utah’s climate. It’s highly drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering once established.
  • Tall fescue: Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that exhibits good drought resistance, making it suitable for areas with limited water availability.


Blends or Mixes for Optimal Resilience

When you hire us for your lawn care services in Eagle Mountain UT, we may recommend using blends or mixes of grass varieties that combine shade and drought-tolerant species. These blends are designed to create a resilient lawn that can thrive in varying light and water conditions. Selecting a blend specifically formulated for Utah’s climate ensures the best performance for your yard.


Local Lawn Care Expertise

Consulting with local lawn care experts in lawn care services in Eagle Mountain UT can be immensely beneficial in choosing the right turf for your Utah yard. At MD Property Services, Inc., we can recommend grass varieties that are well-adapted to the local climate.


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